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Sal's House of Tint provides energy efficiency solutions through innovative solar control window films. We work alongside homeowners to alleviate problems such as excessive heat, glare, utility expenses, fading, safety concerns, or the lack of privacy. All of our products block 99% of damaging UV rays, and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Energy Savings
Untreated glass is a poor insulator and can break the bank when it comes to your energy budget. Solar control window films reject incoming heat while allowing natural light to pass through. Reducing hot spots in your home makes your living space far more comfortable, increases the efficiency and lifespan of air conditioning systems, and reduces overall energy consumption. Many of our products are designed to minimize heat loss during winter months as well. This added insulation translates to year-round savings.

Glare reduction
Excessive glare can make rooms unusable during certain parts of the day and can make television screens and other devices hard to see. Reducing glare alleviates eye strain and allows you to enjoy the view without the use of obstructive curtains or blinds.

Block Damaging UV Rays
Radiation from the sun ages flooring, furnishings, artwork, and is associated with about 90% of all skin cancers. Damaging UV rays are sneaky, and make their way into homes through untreated glass. Window film provides a protective barrier, blocking 99% of UV rays and is the equivalent of wearing SPF 250+. Protecting your family and investments is important to us, so we only use products that have been certified and endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Shrink your carbon footprint
We choose to work with film manufacturers that operate with sustainablity and nature in mind. In many cases, the products we use become carbon neutral within the first two months of installation. That means that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from manufacturing, distribution, installation, and disposal are offset by energy savings and reduced GHG emisions. Window films provide a significant reduction in residential energy demand on a long term basis. Remember...The cleanest, most environmentally friendly energy is the energy not produced.

Curb appeal
Tinted windows can enhance the appearance of your home by providing a classy, uniform look. We carry a wide variety of films, ranging from virtually invisible to dark reflective shades. During our in-home consultation, we'll discuss the architectural style and decor of your home combined with your unique solar concerns before making a personalized product recommendation.

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