Office Window Tinting

Office Window Tinting

Sal’s House of Tint is here to save your business with our office window tinting.

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Living in Kyle, TX can be a great thing. But being in the heart of Texas, you can expect to get a lot of sun. To some, this might be a great thing; to others, especially business owners, this might not be such a great thing. The sun can prove to be very harmful to your company’s products, employees and building. Sal’s House of Tint is here to save your business with our office window tinting.

Everyone knows that UV rays can be damaging to your skin. What most people don’t know is that it can also be damaging to your businesses production level and revenue. Normal buildings have untreated windows which allows the sun’s rays to slip into the building creating a glare on computer screens. This can cause eye strain on your employees which in turn decreases their amount of production. With the use of office window tinting, the protective window film will block out 99% of the rays. Without office window tinting, your merchandise can suffer as well. Storefront items become susceptible to UV rays when your windows are left untreated. The rays easily travel into the store damaging your products causing a loss in your revenue.

Not only are your employees and products at risk, but so is your building. Energy bills can start to skyrocket during the more heated months of the year. This is due to solar heat traveling into your building and taking up one third of your buildings cooling load. Your air conditioning units won’t stand too long if they are having to overwork because of the increasing temperature. Office window tinting rejects nearly all of the incoming solar heat, leaving your air conditioning units protected as well as your wallet.

Stop losing production and revenue because of your untreated windows. Give Sal’s House of Tint a call today to schedule an appointment to get yourself some office window tinting.