More Than Sunscreen: UV Protection Everywhere

More Than Sunscreen: UV Protection Everywhere

While you may have tinted your car windows, did you know your home windows can be tinted too?

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When you think UV protection, there are probably a few common household items that come to mind: sunscreen, make-up, and sunglasses to name a few. Of course, there are other items inside and outside your home that are working to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun- if you let them.

Even as you drive your car down the road, your skin could be vulnerable to damaging UV rays. How? Without car window tint, the sun’s rays easily enter your vehicle, reaching your skin. Think about all the time you spend driving your car- and the sun could be busy damaging your unprotected skin. While wearing everyday sunscreen daily is often recommended, there is another way to protect your skin while you are out and about in your vehicle: automotive vehicle tint!

Car window tint, when applied by a trusted professional, can stop and block the UV rays entering your vehicle. It is a simple way to provide UV protection within your vehicle. While there are laws and regulations surrounding automotive window tint, in order to protect drivers, professional window tint applicators are up to date on these regulations. This professionalism makes your car window tinting simple.

Remember, there are many products that provide UV protection for your skin and eyes. However, by tinting the windows in your vehicle, you provide a secondary level of protection. You spend lots of time in your vehicle. It’s time you began protecting your skin!

At Sal’s House of Tint, our professional tinting experts will keep you safe in your vehicle. We know the legal restrictions in your Texas County and will ensure that your vehicle’s tint is applied correctly and within the legal boundaries. Keep UV protection in the front of your mind, even when you’re in your vehicle!