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Kyle Texas gets a lot of sun, and those UV rays can do a lot of damage, indoors and out. Here at Sal’s House of Tint, we have the solution for your home, car and business.

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays in your home with Sal’s residential window tinting. UV rays account for 90 percent of skin cancers, and a home with untreated windows is the same as being outside in the sun. Sal’s window tint blocks 99% of those harmful rays. Protect your home with Sal’s House of Tint.

In this hot Kyle weather, vehicle window tint is a must have. Sal’s window tinting for the car is proven to cut down on cabin temperature, lessen glare and reduces interior fading and damage. You ever sit on the seatbelt of a car without window tint during the summer? OUCH! Not to mention window tint for the car looks awesome and deters smash and grab thieves.

Window tint for commercial and business isn’t just an ascetic decision, it’s an economic one. Window tinting offered by Sal’s House of Tint is proven to cut down that high summer utility bill. Window tint also protects your products or inventory form sun damage losses. Give your conference room, reception area or workspaces the right kind of atmosphere and privacy with Sal’s variety of shades and hues for window screening. Sal’s House of Tint also specializes in logo and design window screenings for your business. So give Sal’s House of Tint a call today!

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