Window Film Installation in Buda, TX

Window Film Installation in Buda, TX

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Perhaps you’ve heard of window tinting recently? We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already heard about all the amazing benefits it can bring to your car, your office, or your home. After all, it’s capable of blocking 99% of the UV rays from the sun, reduce the glare from the sun considerably, and cool a room down by as much as 15 degrees. And that’s only taking into account the main benefits! If you’re interested in a window film installation in Buda, TX, then you should consider contracting Sal’s House of Tints, the leader in the industry!

So maybe cooling down your vehicle, house, or office sounds dandy and all of that, but it isn’t enough to justify paying the money for it? Well, perhaps you’ll be happy to know that comfort isn’t the only thing a window film installation in Buda, TX can provide! The film inside the window makes it shatterproof, which is a perfect security measure against potential break-ins, or other unexpected elements that crash into your window.

The shade of your window film installation in Buda, TX can adjusted as well. You can choose to have the film be crystal clear, making the film itself unnoticeable. Or, if you prefer a layer of privacy, you can choose to darken the shade of the film to prevent prying eyes from spying into your property. Not to mention, Sal’s House of Tint is capable of making custom decorations on your window film, fulfilling any aesthetic you may be interested in!

Sal’s House of Tint has been in the industry since 2010, and we’ve been at the top of our industry ever since. We’ve won multiple Contractor of the Year awards for our skill in installing window films wherever they’re needed. If you’re interested in getting a window film installation in Buda, TX, then be sure to contact us today to get started!